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              Spend less time juggling phone calls and more time fostering personalized and effective communication with pet owners by enabling your practice landline to send and receive text messages and photos.

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              Intelligent Reminders

              Smart reminders can be sent based on client preference, including text, push and email. Multi-channel follow up ensures that you always find the best way to communicate with each pet owner.

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              Save on costly appointment reminder postcards. With smart preference management, VitusVet can identify which clients should receive postcards, and shifts others to digital communication methods.

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              Pets today are cherished members of the family. The VitusVet client app is built on this very principle. Easily branded to your practice, this feature of our platform gives pet owners access to routine records and upcoming due dates, appointment and refill requests and personalized reminders — right from their mobile phones.

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              We know that adopting new technology can seem daunting at first. But, with VitusVet youll see an improvement in your daily operations from day one. Our platform fully integrates with all leading PIMS and we offer full support to all VitusVet users, so well be by your side every step of the way.


              I see VitusVet as being vital to our success. I can truly tell you that our clients are impressed with the app over 75% subscribed!

              Dr. Michael Henricks, Faithful Friends Veterinary Clinic – Dublin, Ohio

              Made withby a veterinarian

              VitusVet was born from the first-hand experience of its founder, Dr. Mark Olcott. As a veterinarian, he has lived through the challenges that vets and practices experience. With a lifelong passion for animal health and a sharp eye for what needs fixing, Dr. Olcott joined forces with co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Kalpesh Raval, to create an all-in-one veterinary practice management platform to help practice managers, their clients and pet owners work together more efficiently. VitusVet is headquartered in Baltimore with team members across the country.

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              Join the revolution. Operate your veterinary practice smarter and make pet owners happier.

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