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              A Password Reset Is Forced Upon Users of the Poloniex Cryptocurrency Exchange After a Credential Leak

              Yesterday, we wrote about a recent phishing campaign aimed at PayPal users in Latin America. We talked about how phishers often try to fool victims into thinking that someone is trying to hack their account. The idea... Read more

              January 3, 2020

              Watch out for the 'New Login From Unknown Device' PayPal Scam

              In late December, researchers from ESET noticed that PayPal users in Latin America were targeted by a phishing campaign that could be going on to this very day. Unfortunately, it's difficult to say how big the attack... Read more

              January 2, 2020

              LifeLabs Data Breach Puts About 15 Million Customers' Logins and Passwords at Risk

              LifeLabs is one of the biggest laboratory service providers in Canada a country with a population of just under 40 million people. A successful attack against LifeLabs is bound to put the data of quite a few... Read more

              December 27, 2019

              Ransomware Operators Can Now Steal Your Data Before Encrypting It

              Ransomware has proven time and again to be one of the most powerful weapons in the cybercriminals' arsenal. Initially, hackers would need to create their own family of file-encrypting malware, which isn't exactly a... Read more

              December 19, 2019

              How to Spot Text Scams and Deal With the Messages

              By now, most internet users are aware of the dangers of online fraud in general, and phishing in particular. This smart way for malicious actors to trick users into giving away valuable information is hardly a new or... Read more

              December 19, 2019

              Google Chrome 79 Comes with Two Major Password Security Features and a Massive Bug on Android

              Last week, Google announced the rollout of Chrome 79. With it, the browser vendor introduced a couple of new features that are supposed to help users have a safer online experience, and the PR people were hoping that... Read more

              December 19, 2019

              How to Check Screen Time on iPhone, iPad or Mac

              With Apple's iOS 12 we got Screen Time, a feature created to provide you with information on how you're using your time on your iPhone and iPad. By using Screen Time, you can see how often you use up your iOS device,... Read more

              December 19, 2019

              DeathRansom: Ransomware Hellbent on Killing Files on Infected PCs via Encryption

              Ransomware has turned into such a global problem for computer users and businesses, victims of recent threats have turned to budgeting for an attack so they can pay the demanded ransom and get their computer back to... Read more

              December 19, 2019

              44 Million Microsoft and Azure Users Continue to Use Breached Passwords, New Study Finds

              Online companies and services suffer credential stuffing attacks on a daily basis, and the consequences are often quite severe. The threat is looming, and security specialists won't stop talking about it. Something... Read more

              December 18, 2019

              How to Delete Messenger Account Without Deactivating Facebook Account

              Messenger can be a useful tool, but wanting to do away with it is hardly unheard of. There are many possible reasons for doing so for instance, if most of your contacts are on other platforms, you don't like its... Read more

              December 18, 2019

              Identity Theft at Birth: 752,000 Applications for Copies of Birth Certificates Were Exposed Online

              Whether we like it or not, online companies of all shapes and sizes handle enormous amounts of personal data. Somewhat predictably, they don't always do it very well. Earlier this month, for example, penetration... Read more

              December 17, 2019

              You Can Now Use 'Verified SMS' and 'Spam Protection' on Your Android Messages App

              If you think about it, the online threat landscape is, for all intents and purposes, nothing more than a cat and mouse game played by cybercriminals and software vendors' security teams. Here's an example. Some time... Read more

              December 17, 2019

              Dexphot: An Invisible Cryptojacker that Spreads Like Wildfire

              Dexphot malware has the ability to exploit your system's resources and reaps the rewards, while you suffer the unfortunate consequences. Not many people are aware of what cryptojacking actually is, let alone why they... Read more

              December 17, 2019

              If You Are Thinking About Buying Your Kid a Smartwatch from Amazon, You Need to Think Again

              As a part of a penetration testing exercise, researchers from Rapid7 recently ordered three smartwatches from Amazon the Children's SmartWatch, the G36 Children's Smartwatch, and the SmarTurtles Kid's Smartwatch. As... Read more

              December 16, 2019

              How to Reset airG Account Password

              What is airG? airG is a phone app for socializing with other people regardless of distance. They could be nearby or around the world and you connect just as easily. You can find other like-minded people by selecting a... Read more

              December 16, 2019

              1 Billion Passwords and Email Addresses Have Been Leaked. What Does That Mean?

              You hear cybersecurity specialists talk about credential stuffing all the time, but have you ever thought about the pure logistics of pulling off such an attack? Credential stuffing (or password stuffing, as it's... Read more

              December 13, 2019

              How to Reset Your EA Account Password

              What is Origin? Origin is a digital distribution platform created and owned by Electronic Arts (EA) for selling video games. Origin's software client is available for personal computers and mobile devices. Why am I... Read more

              December 13, 2019

              What Is a Deepfake and How Can It Affect Our Cybersecurity?

              We're now closing in on the end of the year, which means that it's time for cybersecurity experts to start jotting down their predictions for 2020. You can be pretty sure that they'll try to warn people about all the... Read more

              December 12, 2019

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